Original Abstract Art paintings for Sale – Spiritual, Vibrational Art from Ireland by Sharon Mundy.

All of my abstract art paintings are original, unique one-off art pieces that I have painted in the past year or two.

Worldwide shipping is free on all pieces.

About Me and My Art

My name is Sharon Mundy and I’ve recently started painting again for the first time since I was a young child.

I had somehow forgotten I was born an Artist so it was a huge awakening for me to remember my soul’s purpose. Sounds cliche but its very true. I actually found painting again through yoga and meditation and this kind of work.

I believe in energy and everything is energy so I paint vibrational art from the heart with the highest frequency of love and peace I can hold. I believe my paintings hold this frequency and at the moment I am literally dreaming up paintings when I sleep at night.

My art is changing on a daily basis and I’m heading in the direction of abstract as I think its the most fun. I am a very messy painter so abstract suits me. I have to know now that my best work is done when I just completely let go and let my Love team do it for me, this sometimes requires me to close my eyes or stop looking. So I’m just a channel for the art that wants to come through into the world, its as much a surprise to me when I get to look at the Art that comes out. I am always in my highest possible frequency so I can be the best channel I can.

So I have discovered through this process of letting go that the more I try and control my hand the more difficult it becomes and such is life really. The more I let go and let the art flow through the more I actually enjoy too.

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